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Principal’s Message

This English Musical means a lot to Lock Tao Secondary School (LTSS). The Musical not only celebrates our school 55th anniversary, but also strengthens our students’ positive values, faith and hope towards life.

English Musical

This year, the English department brings an amazing biblical story – Joseph and His Dreamcoat. This story conveys two messages. First, Integrity and Forgiveness are two main values that I hope my students can have. Second, Life is difficult. It does not always go as we plan or “dream”, most often it comes beyond our choices. If we let God, God will use our unforeseen circumstances to bring good to us and blessing for others.

English as a language

Through this Musical, students are required to express themselves creatively and spontaneously in different communicative contexts and practise the dialogue with confidence. We hope this Musical show can provide an opportunity for our students to horn their speaking skills, boost their confidence and cultivate their interest in the English language. 

This Musical cannot come to live without the devotion of our English teachers. I am proud to say the teachers and students have been prepared for this performance through days and nights. You cannot imagine the countless hours they have put in the show. You can see the sweat and you can see the veins. As a principal, I am always delighted to see the English teachers put so much effort to establish an innovative learning platform for our students.

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